Vintage 17ft Canoe (Max. 2A +3Y; 2hr Rental)

This is a vintage aluminum canoe. It's likely from the mid-1970's, which makes her the oldest working team member. These aluminum canoes are tough and stable. Springbok and Grumman were heavily involved in manufacturing aircraft during world war two-- after the war these companies turned their innovative technology towards canoe manufacturing (allied forces didn't need as many planes...). 

Supply chains have been crushed-- so this is our way of expanding the fleet to meed the large demand we're experiencing this summer. These boats are rented at a lower price point and for a maximum of 2 hours.

Legend has it, these boats have been to Keji so many times they know their way around!

Your rental will include:

  • 2 Adult PFDs (plus pfd's for your children, should you need them)
  • 2 Paddles (plus small children seats and paddles, should you need them)
  • 1 Boater Safety Kit (500mL cloth bailer, whistle, 50'/15m buoyant heaving line)
  • 1 Lake Map


  • Hot aluminum seats
  • Aluminum gunwales
  • Foam filled bulkheads for buoyancy.
  • Aluminum thwarts (not a seat!)
  • Shallow arched hull
  • Curved sides with pronounced chine
  • Zero rocker
  • Straight fin keel





17’ / 5.18 m


36" / 91.4 cm


0" / 0 cm

Bow Height:

24" / 61 cm


10" / 25.4 cm


75 lbs / 34 kg

Max Load Range:

655 lbs / 297 kg