Our shuttle service runs on a set schedule and MUST be reserved in advance. The time you select for your shuttle MUST correspond with your canoe or kayak rental reservation times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the price include drop-off and pick-up?

No, our shuttle prices are 'one-way'. For example, if you and your group want to have the boats dropped off at the Big Dam parking lot for your weekend canoe trip and then have them picked up again afterwards, this would require two separate shuttles.

If my shuttle is reserved for 12pm, is that when it leave's Jake's Landing?

If you have a 12pm shuttle booked, it will leave Jake's Landing within a few minutes after 12pm and arrive at your destination sometime thereafter. This is true for both pick-ups and drop-offs. For example, if you have a shuttle reserved for 12pm for a pick-up at Eel Weir, this means our shuttle vehicle will depart Jake's Landing for roughly 12pm and arrive at Eel Weir for about 1230pm.

Do the shuttle's depart on a regular schedule?

Yes; however, if a shuttle is not booked, it will not run -our shuttles are by advance reservation only. They can be reserved through our website (this one you're currently perusing) for 9:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:00PM, 1:30PM, or 3:00PM.

What if I am late?

Scenario A: Delivery Shuttle-- includes equipment and people(s)

The onus is on you to reserve a shuttle time which will allow you to arrive 15 minutes early. Often there is another shuttle booked immediately afterward so there is no wiggle room for late arrivals.

Consequences: if you are late for your shuttle you will likely miss your shuttle and will be responsible for rebooking another shuttle at full price.

Please call us as soon as you start to feel you might be late for your shuttle and we'll do our best to help you find a solution.

Scenario B: Delivery Shuttle-- includes equipment only

It's no problem if you're late if we're only shuttling your equipment (canoes, kayaks, et cetera). Just know the equipment will be ready and waiting for you at the delivery location by your selected delivery time.

Please note, the moment the gear is dropped off at its destination it becomes your responsibility whether you are there or not.

Scenario C: Retrieval Shuttle-- equipment and/or people

If you're late for returning your boat at it's final destination please call us to discuss options. To be prudent, I should mention that our regular late fees could apply, as well as additional shuttle fees.

Paradoxically, Cody, who is perpetually late, is extremely strict about shuttle times.

What if I'm early?

We'll do our best to accommodate, but it really depends on whether we have a shuttle driver available and whether there are any other shuttle reservations ahead of yours. If you foresee being early, or late, please call us with as much advance notice and we'll help you adjust your reservation.

If you're dropping off your canoe to be retrieved by Whynot Adventure and you're there before the designated time, just stow the gear under the boat and make sure it's somewhere it won't get run over, then feel free to take off! Hopefully you've got a bag of potato chips stashed in your car.

If you're early for picking up your canoe to start your adventure, just find a comfy spot to chill and take in the sounds of nature. We'll have the boat delivered by the time you selected.

Is it best to reserve the shuttle to be before or after my trip?

It is best if you schedule your shuttle at the 'top' of your trip. This way you are able to make your route decisions on your final day without being influenced by a scheduled-pick up. This mitigates the temptation to take risks to make the appointment in time.

It is also much easier to calculate when you'll arrive at Jake's Landing if you're leaving Halifax at 1pm, rather than what time you'll arrive at Jake's Landing if you're leaving site 30 at... well, what ever time you leave your campsite after you've had coffee and brekkie and struck camp and picked which portages you're tackling based on which way the wind happens to be blowing that day.... you get the point?

How many people does the shuttle price cover?

Our shuttle prices include 0-4 persons (max capacity of our vehicles).

Won't it be expensive if I have a large group and your vehicle can only take four at a time?

Yes. If you are a group of 12, and require everyone to be shuttled from A to B, this will require three trips by our shuttle vehicle, which means 3x the posted shuttle rate. We recommend dropping your group off at your trip start location, then driving one or two folks back to Jake's Landing where you'll stash a vehicle or two, and then get a single shuttle back to the rest of your group and trip start location.

How many boats does the shuttle price cover?

Our shuttle prices include 0-4 boats (capacity of our trailer).

Is it mandatory to physically check-in at Jake's Landing for all shuttles?

No, and I promise my feelings won't be hurt. Actually, we encourage you not to visit us unless it's necessary. When making your shuttle/canoe reservation you must complete the following digital documents:

  1. A signed waiver from each group member 19 years of age, or older
  2. Each minor in the group to be on a waiver of a parent or legal guardian
  3. A signed rental agreement
  4. A signed Declaration of Health for all members using Whynot Adventure services
  5. If renting watercraft, we will need the weights of any members less than 90lbs (42kg)
  6. If renting canoes, we will need the heights of all members for paddle sizing

Please note, the moment the gear is dropped off at its destination it becomes your responsibility whether you are there or not.

Is it mandatory to check-in at Jake's Landing for Liberty Lake Shuttles?

Yes. If you are starting at Big Dam, then you will be leaving your vehicle at Eel Weir, so just swing by Jake's Landing to let us know you're on your way and our shuttle driver will follow you down. OR, if you are starting at Eel Weir, call us from the Visitor Reception Centre when you're picking up your backcountry permits, and we'll dispatch our shuttle driver to rendezvous with you at the Big Dam parking lot, where you'll be leaving your vehicle.

Is my pet allowed in the shuttle vehicle?

All four-legged compadres aka fur babies, ride in the back (under a canopy, carpeted) just like our two dogs.

What if I'm super cheap or have a tight budget?

Dude, I get it. We used to dirt-bag it as best we could. Now I'm a dirt-bag in more of a hygienic sense and less of a lifestyle sense. We have foam shuttle blocks which will protect your vehicle while transporting a boat. These are free to borrow for the duration of your trip, so long as we have them in the inventory. They also include straps to secure the boat to your vehicle.

Do I have to wear my seatbelt?

Wait, what? Are you serious? Yes, seatbelts are mandatory as per company policy and law in Nova Scotia since 1985.