Mersey River Quickie Adventure

Our Mersey River Quickie Tour is a guided paddling trip (canoe or kayak, your choice) up and then back down the river, starting and finishing at our HQ, Jake's Landing. These quick guided tours are perfect for those who are on a tight time budget or looking to have someone else take the entertainment helm for one and a half to two hours.

On this tour you'll explore the Mersey River (one of the most beautiful places in the park to paddle, in my opinion).

Rendezvous at the Whynot Adventure HQ (Jake's Landing) 15 min before the tour is set to start. We have a large parking lot situated just before you arrive at our location on the river. We recommend bringing a camera as this tour is full of wildlife photography options (I know you're thinking moose and bears, but in Keji we specialize in turtles, giant bullfrogs, muskrat, beavers and white-tailed deer, oh and sometimes a swimming squirrel).

On this guided tour you might learn about 'Keji tea' or hear the legend of Jim Charles' Gold, while paddling your canoe or kayak up the river with intermittent stops to take in the magic and learn about some of Keji's secrets. This tour is an 'out n'back' so you'll get to enjoy the gentle current on the way back to Jake's Landing.

The tour price includes:

  • canoes or kayaks
  • pfd's
  • paddles,
  • boater safety kits
  • a guide

Our Quickie tours are appropriate for guests of all ages. Ages 4 and under adventure for free, and ages 5 through 10 are only half price so long as they join the boat of a full priced adult. Deals for days!

Note: although we walk a fine line of innuendo, our tours are strictly professional with content perfect for all ages (focussed on history, ecology, entomology and other interesting things).