17ft Canoe; Max 2 Adults + 3 Youth

This is our biggest and toughest canoe- but it sure is heavy. Take it from us, you don't want to be lugging this monster down a portage trail, unless you have a portage cart or you enjoy torture (we have lighter models, check them out). This canoe is really stable, yet as with all Penobscots, it will track nicely (goes fairly straight).

Suitable for a small family and some well packed camping equipment.

Your rental will include:

  • 2 Adult PFDs (plus pfd's for your children, should you need them)
  • 2 Paddles (plus small children seats and paddles, should you need them)
  • 1 Boater Safety Kit (500mL cloth bailer, whistle, 50'/15m buoyant heaving line)
  • 1 Lake Map


  • Squeaky nylon web seats
  • Vinyl gunwales
  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Ash thwart and yoke (not comfortable)
  • Shallow arch hull
  • Straight sides
  • Minimum rocker



Three Layer Polyethylene


17' 4" / 5.3 m


36" / 91.4 cm

Width at 4" Waterline:

34" / 86.4 cm

Bow Height:

22" / 55.9 cm


14" / 35.6 cm


83 lbs / 37.6 kg

Max Load Range:

1,450-1,500 lbs / 657.7-680.4 kg