16ft Canoe; Max 2 Adults +2 Youth

Our most popular boat by shear rental numbers, the 16ft Penobscot is a reliable workhorse. I would like to note that it is very heavy, and I do not recommend trying to portage this boat unless you have a portage cart. This canoe is stable and tracks well, and is perfect for an afternoon on the lake or river.

Your rental will include:

  • 2 Adult PFDs (plus pfd's for your children, should you need them)
  • 2 Paddles (plus small children seats and paddles, should you need them)
  • 1 Boater Safety Kit (500mL cloth bailer, whistle, 50'/15m buoyant heaving line)
  • 1 Lake Map


  • Nylon web seats (squeaky)
  • Vinyl gunwales
  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Ash thwart and yoke (not comfortable)
  • Shallow arch hull
  • Straight sides
  • Minimum rocker


Material:Three Layer Polyethylene
Length:16' 4" / 5.0 m
Width:37.5" / 95.3 cm
Width at 4" Waterline:33.75" / 85.7 cm
Bow Height:20.25" / 51.4 cm
Depth:14" / 35.6 cm
Weight:75 lbs / 34.0 kg
Max Load Range:1,200-1,250 lbs / 544.3-567 kg