Kitchen Kit

It’s a real bugger trying to wash the soot off your nice kitchen pans after a camping trip, so you might as well blacken ours. The Kitchen Kit includes a carbon steel griddle which is tough enough to withstand use on the campfire (or your double burner stove) and heavy enough to temper flare-ups so you don’t scorch your food.

We've also included a set of heavy leather 'work' gloves so you don't burn your knuckles while flipping your pancakes. And, for those who are more inclined in the culinary arts, we've added a chef's knife and paring knife (both should be sharp, so please exercise caution), two packable cutting boards and some tongs, which are paramount to working over a flame. Oh, and a spatula flipper style thing- for turning veggie burgers, folding an omelette and things like that.