Car Kit

Car Kit

The name says it all- or kind of. Three items in this kit- all of which we feel are integral to the success of car-camping. I used to turn my nose up at this style of luxurious leisurely camping, but a good friend of mine, Eddie, proved to be correct all along. Now we consider ourselves car camping connoisseurs.

The Camp Chair- so incredibly important for lounging. A picnic table will do, kind of like boxed wine will do, but if you want something truly nice, go for a vintage Burgundy, or in in this case a camp chair.

The Double Burner Stove- yes, you can cook over the fire, scorch your food and singe your eyebrows, or you can just submit and use a clean burning easy to control, propane double burner stove.

The Coffee Press - Yes, I like Via's too. And yes, a blue speckled ceramic coffee pot percolating on the fire is pretty, but if you want a cup of coffee that pulls double duty (tastes good and dispels the grumpys), go with the french press.

The Car Kit Includes

  • 1 x Coffee Press
  • 1 x Primus Double Burner Stove (propane not included)
  • 2 x Lightweight Folding Camp Chairs