Outfitting Packages

Cabin, Yurt, or Otentik Outfitting

Cabin, Yurt, or Otentik Outfitting

Keji has recently added some amazing camping opportunities in the park: cabins, Otentiks and a Yurt. These roofed accommodations provide some of the necessities, but not everything. That's where we come in: you'll need a stove, mess kits, pots, pans, cutlery, et cetera.

Booking this package ensures you'll have everything you need for your camping trip in Keji. Take a look below to get a sense of all the items we'll include in this package!

If you want, we will also assemble an awesome meal plan (based on your preferences and dietary restrictions) which will blow your mind. I'm tempted to call our food legendary (just look at TripAdvisor) but I think legends need to be at least 50 years in the making- we're getting there.

Equipment Includes:

Tea Towel & Dish Cloth

Campsite Reservation

Sleeping Bags

Brillo Pad

Reservation fee

Cotton Liners


Pot Set


Mess Kit


Planning & Advice

Cutting Boards

Double Burner Stove

Pot Gloves


Utensils (Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Tongs, Spatula)

Coffee Press

We suggest you bring seasonal clothing (swimsuit, warm sweater for the evenings, et cetera) your personal toiletries, a good book, a pillow and any alcohol you think you might enjoy. Boxed wine is not only appropriate, but also recommended!

Please note, your package will be assembled and ready for pick-up at Jake's Landing for 12pm on your arrival day. You will be responsible for transporting the equipment to your Cabin, Yurt or oTENTik and setting it up (that's part of the adventure!).

Experience has shown this package can be a tad confusing in terms of pricing. We want to offer a bit of extra info to help with any clarification you may need. Each outfitting package includes items which are shared in the group, such as pot sets, camping stove and campsite. These items are covered by the per night flat rate. Other items are for individual use only, such as mess kits, sleeping bags and thermamest mats. These items are covered in the per person per night rate.

Here are some pricing examples to help remove any confusion on the cost breakdown:

2 People, 2 Nights, Gear and Food

$140 @ 2 nights = $280

$73 @ 2 people, 2 nights = $292

Total= $572 plus 15% HST

Please note:

  • Meal plan begins with lunch on your first day and ends with lunch on your last day
  • We're happy to accommodate dietary preferences & restrictions

2 People, 2 Nights, Gear Only

$140 @ 2 nights = $280

$12.50 @ 2 people, 2 nights = $50

Total= $330 plus 15% HST

If you want a quote for your group and a range of dates, feel free to start a reservation and fill in the information. You can change group size and duration of the trip as many times as you like. There's no commitment to put in a deposit until you're absolutely sure it's the best choice for you.