Backcountry Outfitting - Gear & Meals

Our most popular outfitting package! We've got top of the line gear and equipment, combined with the best campsites in the backcountry and, if you like, the finest food you'll find in the wilderness all wrapped up in this best selling outfitting package. And the joke goes: 'you only need a toothbrush and a credit card'.

We'll use only the best gear available, and we'll have it packed for you when you arrive. We know all the best campsites in the park and we'll have those reserved for you, too. We also know the best backcountry meals, which we'll tailor to your dietary preferences if you like and we'll have these packed for you as well. See? Simple.

Our Backcountry Outfitting Package is designed specifically for backcountry multi-day canoe camping.

There's no need for scrambling through a supermarket with a cart full of hot dogs, canned beans and ramen noodles. You don't have to stay up late digging through your gear looking for your lantern, nor do you have to clean, dry, sort and put away any gear after your trip. We keep it simple, so you can focus on what compelled you to go camping in the first place.

The Backcountry Outfitting Package includes:


Tea Towel & Dish Cloth


Prolite Thermarests

Brillo Pad

Cutting Boards

Sleeping Bags


Pot Gloves

Cotton Liners


Utensils (Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Tongs, Spatula)


Polyethylene Canoe 1+1/2 day

Campsite Reservation

Mugs Plates Sporks


Reservation fee





Food Barrel

Map Case

Camp Stove

Backpack Dry Bag

Planning & Advice

We suggest you bring seasonal clothing (swimsuit, warm sweater for the evenings, et cetera) your personal toiletries, a good book, a pillow and any alcohol you think you might enjoy. Boxed wine is not only appropriate, but also recommended!

Please note:

  • Meal plan begins with lunch on your first day and ends with lunch on your last day
  • We're happy to accommodate dietary preferences & restrictions

If you want a quote for your group and a range of dates, feel free to start a reservation and fill in the information. You can change group size and duration of the trip as many times as you like. There's no commitment to put in a deposit until you're absolutely sure it's the best choice for you.